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BATC Apprenticeship Certificate Program

Are you interested in deepening your understanding of art therapy? Are you considering a career as an art therapist, and are you passionate about how art therapy can improve the well-being of individuals and communities? The Boulder Art Therapy Collective’s Apprenticeship Certificate program may be right for you.

This ten month program will give you abundant contact with open studio, art-as- therapy groups, and the opportunity to explore the rationales behind these groups and the dynamics and creative processes which emerge from them. Participants in the program will come away with a foundational knowledge of art- as therapy, as well as an awareness of the application of art therapy with different modalities and populations.

While this program does not take the place of academic coursework in art therapy, it complements such work with personal experience and offers a meaningful prelude to those planning to enroll in an academic art therapy program. For others, it creates a rich, fertile ground for exploring the possibility of a career in art therapy, a place to gain more sustained knowledge of the practices used and an arena in which to build community, personal knowledge and direction.

This Program Includes:

Program Dates:

August 15, 2018- June 15, 2019

Candidate Requirements:

Participant Responsibilities:

In addition to all that Apprenticeship Certificate Program participants will receive, they are responsible for completing the following requirements and duties in order to be included in the program:


How to Apply:

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Either the participant or the program team may choose to terminate an enrollment in the program at any time, for any reason.

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